5 fun uses for .TEL

  1. Lost and Found.  Engrave your dot tel on your bike, flat panel, skis etc.  Hopefully a good Samaritan or the cops will give you a call after they have found your missing item.
  2. Ear tattoos for your pet. What the heck does the # in their ear actually mean?  You’re able to identify them at the  pound with the serial # but a .tel in their ear would allow you to be called after your pet has run amok in a flower bed three streets away. 
  3. Witness Protection.  The feds have renamed you Dorcas Jones.  Dorcas Jones’s mother would like to speak to her son every now and then.  She’s armed with his “new” dot tel.  Even stool pigeons can’t escape the long arm of motherly love. 
  4. Resume Information Aggregator. You go to a job fair.  Instead of inundating the recruiters with another sheaf of paper, you are charming and witty and hand them a card with your .tel on it.  Your .tel holds links to an article you wrote, awards you have been given and a pdf version of your resume.  Sure, some of this may be on your Facebook page, but now you can avoid the inevitable question “So what’s up with you and that donkey in Mexico”?
  5. Raves.  The location record in .tel has never looked so good.  You update it at 12am on Wednesday and by 1am your abandoned fish guttery is jammed to the gills.

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