About .TEL

.TEL is the new top-level domain launching December 3, 2008 that will revolutionize the way we keep in touch.

Unlike a traditional domain name, .TEL’s purpose is to help manage and exchange contact information about individuals and businesses. When you give your .TEL to someone, you give them a single name, but access to a wealth of information.

.TEL securely stores your address, email, multiple phone numbers, blogs, your location and more. It works with any device that connects to the internet including cell phones, Blackberry, iPhones and with computer programs like Outlook.

When you give your .TEL to a a contact, the recipient simply adds the .TEL name to their cell phone, Blackberry, iPhone or address book and all the information goes with it.
Most importantly, the recipient never has to update any of the information. If you add more information, move, change telephone numbers or your e-mail address, the information is automatically updated.

The .TEL domain helps you get in touch and stay in touch, no matter how often you move, change jobs or change telephone numbers. Give people your .TEL once and stay connected for life.

Learn more about .TEL for businesses and individuals.