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411 Takes a Beating – .TEL to the Rescue!

Thursday, July 9th, 2009

driversclubThere is a fun new .tel advert in town.  This poor girl can’t catch a break when using the automated 411 service. 

Dot tel to the rescue!

She could have called them on her smart phone via their .tel, in 1/16th of the time it was taking to make her way through the “unrecognized” world that is 411.

Oh dot tel – we ♥ you so.

Resistance is Futile – .TEL to Connect for Life

Friday, September 26th, 2008

We are the new generation. We walk, drive, have dinner, watch TV, and the list goes on all the while texting, reading and holding our mobile device of choice. You don’t have to like it, you can try to avoid becoming one of us but resistance is futile. You will one day find yourself holding and using your very own mobile device and when you do you may find yourself searching the web in new ways.

One of these new and innovative ways is via a .TEL domain. I know, I know you are thinking didn’t we just learn about .MOBI, wasn’t that supposed to usher us into the new world of mobile web surfing? Well as we all found as great as getting to our favorite websites via a .MOBI domain name is it left us wanting more… something beyond a paired down version or the regular websites we visit on our lap and desktop PCs.

We may not have known what that new technology may have been but we knew we wanted it. Something simple, a new way to connect and find each other on this big blue ball we call earth. What if I need to look someone’s contact information up while I am on the run? I mean sure it is great not having to carry around all those quarters for the pay phone but with the gradual disappearance of those little booths also, was the fate of those bound and hanging from the often dirty little shelf below the pay phone… that bulky un-environmentally friendly beast we called the phonebook.

So what is one to do when on the run and in need of a restaurant, some new Jimmy Choos or my best friend who changes their contact information with every new mobile device that hits the market? Well let me .TEL you what you can do, you can search for them by their .TEL domain name that will have all of their up to date contact details and maybe even a few extras. Imagine a world where your friends, your stylist, or your favorite eatery can be found by typing in their and that’s it, no flipping through the white or yellow pages, no more endless googling, just enter their NAME.TEL and there they are.

Ok, ok I know you are saying to yourself, “yeah, but first they have to buy their NAME.TEL in order for me to find them via the .TEL domain name”, well yeah of course you do, but why wouldn’t you? You certainly don’t want to be the last in your circle of friends to get your .TEL, remember resistance is futile.