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Blackberry owners – Hornet 1.07 is available now

Monday, March 8th, 2010

Hornet, the Blackberry address book for dot tel, has undergone an upgrade and is now available for download.

The release addresses the display issues caused by updates to long descriptions for records and it provides support for long text in the keyword sections. It improves the labels for lesser used record types.

Upgrading to 1.07 won’t immediately fix any display issues the user was having. The user must refresh the contact and then save it again. The next time they view the record, the display issues will be addressed.

Any user wanting to upgrade from 1.03 to 1.07 must first upgrade to 1.05, otherwise they will lose their list of .tel names. Upgrading from 1.05 or 1.06 to 1.07 will not result in the loss of .TEL names.

The easiest way to upgrade is to browse to on the Blackberry, click the download link, then click either the Storm or OS 4.2+ link (Blackberry users should know the difference). The link will ask if they want to download the application. Just say Yes and follow the instructions. A restart is required to complete the installation.

Hornet can also be found on the web at

Wanted: Blackberry Alpha Testers

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009

hornet logoHornet, the new .tel address book for Blackberry is in the final stages of development ahead of its beta release. Hornet is a free app for Blackberry smart phone devices. Hornet is similar to the native Blackberry address book and users should find its functions simple and familiar – but without the need to key in contact information!

hornet_blackberryHornet is available for Blackberry smart phones that operate OS 4.2 and higher. A separate version for the Blackberry Storm supports landscape/portrait viewing and special functions to control the popup keyboard.

Limited testing has been undertaken in the US, Canada and the UK with great results, but we are now looking for a broader group of alpha testers to provide feedback, especially about carrier compatibility.

In addition to minor tweaks (dialog text, minor UI changes), we’re putting together the launch site which will include download pages, detailed app description, support pages and comprehensive user guide.

In the meantime, both the OS 4.2+ and Storm versions can be downloaded over the air direct to your Blackberry at

Please send your candid feedback and comments to and if possible, include your location, carrier, device and OS.

Thanks for your help! We look forward to your feedback.

Superbook – A New App for your dot-TEL Domain Coming Soon

Thursday, April 9th, 2009

Created by the software developers at Telnic, Superbook is a real-time address/phone book application that makes clever use of the contact information stored in .TEL domains to create a super-charged directory that connects mobile users with .TEL owners in seconds.

Instead of storing static contact data in your address book, Superbook users only need to store  .TEL names .

The following video shows how Superbook works. What’s especially cool is that everything you see happening in it is dynamic and occurring in in real time. After finding the .TEL you want in Superbook, the call is made in seconds. Nothing in Superbook is cached apart from some maps. The .tel navigation taking place is done entirely through DNS queries.

When will it be available? Superbook is currently being reviewed by the folks at Apple. The review process could take a week, or it could take several weeks. We’ll keep our ears open for word of its release and let you know when it’s available.

Haven’t registered your .TEL name yet? Search to see if it’s available and have it live before Superbook launches to the public.

.TEL contact management app available for download from Apple’s App Store

Thursday, January 15th, 2009

Apple’s App Store is now featuring a new iPhone application specifically created to manage mobile-optimized contact information under .TEL domain names. New to the App Store since last week. the iPhone client software is one of several similar applications from Telnic, the registry operator for .tel. Other client applicationscreated by Telnic run on Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, Outlook, and Kiax Softphone.

The .TEL iPhone application is currently in version 1.1. Other apps – such as the one developed for the client for Kiax Softphone, an open source VoIP platform – are developing rapidly and are in 2.0 versions.

In order to make a phone call using the Softphone client, you’ll type in the URL for a supported .tel domain. Presently the technology is available only in English, however Telnic has plans for multilingual support.

Download the .TEL app for iPhone at the Apple App Store today.

Read more.

Register/Pre-register .TEL domains risk free for Sunrise, Lanrush and General Registration with, an official .TEL registrar.

.TEL Privacy and Security

Wednesday, October 29th, 2008

Do you have to give up your privacy to be found on the Internet? Not if you use a .TEL name.                          

Being found and protecting your maintaining your privacy used to be mutually exclusive. Now with the .TEL domain name it is possible to have your contact information in the public domain while maintaining full control of it.

Once you’ve registered your .TEL name, you’ll be able to configure and manage the information through the TelHosting interface.  It is possible to publish your contact details in a secure way and decide the level of privacy that you need.

Start by adding some contact information. For example:

• Work Website
• Work Telephone
• Cell Phone
• Work E-mail Address
• Home Telephone
• Gmail Address
• MSN Instant Message ID

You can then create security groups to which users may be added. For example:

• Coworkers
• Business Associates
• Friends
• Family

From there, it’s simply a question of mapping contact information to security groups to determine who can see what information.












In this case, the only thing that a member of the general public could see is your work website address.

How “Friending” words

To have access to some or all of your contact details, someone would have to send a “Friending” request. This is a request that includes their name, email address and a short message. You can manage your friending requests through the TelHosting interface and assign each requestor to the appropriate group. If you don’t know the friending requestor, simply decline the request.


All private contact records (held as NAPTR records in the DNS) are encrypted with 1024 bit encryption, so unless you explicitly allow someone to see a record through the security groups you create and the friending requests you allow, there’s no way for them to see your information.

Public/Private Key Encryption

The friending process is built on a popular and well used security model based on public and private “key” pairs. When you allow someone you’ve ‘friended’ to see secured information, the system encrypts the data using their public key. No one other than the recipient can unlock the data, but when the recipient receives the information, they can unlock it using their private key.

This is all managed transparently by the TelHosting software so it’s not something you need to be knowledgeable about in order to use it.