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Reasons to Register a .TEL Domain

Monday, January 12th, 2009

Blogger ‘Forsaken’ over at Domain Marvelous ( has published a great two part post on “Reasons to Register your .Tel Domain”. And based on the feedback she’s received, even experienced domain owners and webmasters have a lot to learn about the new

.Tel is a new way to share all your contact information by giving them your own easy to remember name – like It allows you to store, publish and update your information online and is accessible from any Internet enabled device. There is no need for a website with .TEL, and it can act as a communications hub for your business or personal contacts.

It’s nice to see domain investors coming around on the .TEL domain. The perception that a domain name needs always to be linked to website creation is challenged by dot-tel – and likely is one reason why it’s taken longer for the industry to embrace the concept behind the new domain. It’s great to see people catching on to what a great communication tool .TEL will be for businesses and individuals alike.

Here are some of Forsaken’s “Reason’s to Register” your .TEL :

From Part One

Create and Control your Communications Hub
The .tel enables you to create a fully interactive and live communications hub to take control over how and where customers communicate with you …

Join the Only, Real-Time, Global Directory offers you an entry into the first global directory,allowing you to own and control all your contact information and update it in real-time whenever you wish …

Effectively Route Customers to appropriate Departments and Locations allows you to easily route customers to the department or location of their choice …

Connect with your Customers from any Device makes your business or brand instantly accessible from any device connected to the internet …

Gain an Effective Mobile Presence is optimized for mobile devices since it uses small and fast DNS lookups rather than pulling traditional website and html content …


Part Two discusses the advantages of .TEL’s system of storing data directly in the DNS, including:

No website necessary: The contact information stored in the DNS is readily available and efficiently delivered to any device without the need for a website or a webmaster.

Speed: The Domain Name System is optimized for speed. Because it is DNS-based, a .tel lookup takes just a fraction of a second, and is much quicker than loading a typical web page.

Real-Time: Whenever you update your data in the DNS, the change “goes live” immediately.

Improved control: Traditionally, search engines are forced to “read” entire web pages and guess the keywords. The .tel uses the data you supply to the DNS to tell search engines exactly where the keywords are, thereby improving your control over your search results.


Visit Domain Marvelous and read Forsaken’s informative posts on .TEL. And when you are ready, Register/Pre-book your .TEL domains with an official .TEL registrar .

.TEL has Launched!

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008

The .TEL Sunrise period officially launched this morning at 7:00am PST. The Sunrise period, which continues until February 2, 2009,  provides trademark holders an opportunity to protect their trademarks.

An important point to remember is that this period (along with .TEL Landrush and General Registration) is on a first come, first served basis. There may be multiple applications for a trademarked domain being submitted, but only the first  will be successful.

A few notes about Sunrise:

  • Trademark application date must be prior to May 30, 2008.
  • Trademark registration date must be prior to December 3, 2008.
  • Applications are considered on a world-wide basis, independently assessed by Deloitte and are awarded on a first come, first served basis.
  • Application fee of US$399 applies for all submitted applications whether successful or not. If the application is successful, will provide a three year registration (minimum term specified by the registry) of the name at no extra charge.

Register/Prebook your .TEL domain name today with, an official .TEL registrar.

Will .TEL Deter Cybersquatters?

Monday, November 10th, 2008

The published an article last week about how .TEL will be unattractive to cybersquatters because it does not host websites, only contact information that will be sent to Internet-enabled devices.

According to Justin Hayward communications director of Telnic, the registry behind .TEL, “Much cybersquatting is done by companies which earn money from adverts displayed on the pages belonging to domain names which users assume will belong to a famous organisation. That kind of cybersquatting will not work on .TEL domain names”.

While pay-per-click ads technically may not work on a .TEL domain, thereby preventing a cybersquatter from generating revenue off a domain that makes use of another entity’s mark or brand, it doesn’t mean cybersquatters won’t be hot-to-trot when it comes to registering .TEL domains.

It seems to me that if a cybersquatter had malicious intentions or wanted to hijack traffic, customers or prospects, .TEL would fit the bill perfectly. .TEL would enable a cybersquatter to input information of their own choosing in the contact fields, and redirect a visitor to whatever website, phone number or email address they wish. There is serious potential for a company’s brand and to be compromised.

What do you think? Leave us some feedback and let us know.

Click here to view an example of what a  .TEL website will look like.

Resistance is Futile – .TEL to Connect for Life

Friday, September 26th, 2008

We are the new generation. We walk, drive, have dinner, watch TV, and the list goes on all the while texting, reading and holding our mobile device of choice. You don’t have to like it, you can try to avoid becoming one of us but resistance is futile. You will one day find yourself holding and using your very own mobile device and when you do you may find yourself searching the web in new ways.

One of these new and innovative ways is via a .TEL domain. I know, I know you are thinking didn’t we just learn about .MOBI, wasn’t that supposed to usher us into the new world of mobile web surfing? Well as we all found as great as getting to our favorite websites via a .MOBI domain name is it left us wanting more… something beyond a paired down version or the regular websites we visit on our lap and desktop PCs.

We may not have known what that new technology may have been but we knew we wanted it. Something simple, a new way to connect and find each other on this big blue ball we call earth. What if I need to look someone’s contact information up while I am on the run? I mean sure it is great not having to carry around all those quarters for the pay phone but with the gradual disappearance of those little booths also, was the fate of those bound and hanging from the often dirty little shelf below the pay phone… that bulky un-environmentally friendly beast we called the phonebook.

So what is one to do when on the run and in need of a restaurant, some new Jimmy Choos or my best friend who changes their contact information with every new mobile device that hits the market? Well let me .TEL you what you can do, you can search for them by their .TEL domain name that will have all of their up to date contact details and maybe even a few extras. Imagine a world where your friends, your stylist, or your favorite eatery can be found by typing in their and that’s it, no flipping through the white or yellow pages, no more endless googling, just enter their NAME.TEL and there they are.

Ok, ok I know you are saying to yourself, “yeah, but first they have to buy their NAME.TEL in order for me to find them via the .TEL domain name”, well yeah of course you do, but why wouldn’t you? You certainly don’t want to be the last in your circle of friends to get your .TEL, remember resistance is futile.