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Drive by…….. dot telling?

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010

When you drive by a For Lease or For Rent sign on a commercial property you may be lucky to make a note of the realtor or the phone number. If you do get one of those, you’re going to contact the realtor and ask the following things: what’s the square footage and what’s price per square foot.

So now you’ve found out it’s 8000 square feet and it’s $60 a square foot. Too big and way too expensive! So you’ve wasted your time and you’ve wasted the realtor’s time.

If, on the other hand, the only thing on the sign was the dot tel name, the realtor would have a prequalified lead when phone rang. “How” you ask?

If you add the price, the square footage and links to the pictures in to the .tel, the customer just has to type the .tel name into their smart phone and in an instant all the key information they need to know is available.

When they “click to call” on the realtor’s phone number that is also available in the .tel, the realtor is getting an interested party on the end of the line not just an information inquiry.

So commercial realtors everywhere – heed my call: Put dot tel on your For Lease and For Rent signs – you’ll thank me for it.

Close Real Estate Sales with .TEL

Thursday, May 14th, 2009

amyjonestel1We’ve spent a bit of time over the past few months discussing industries and verticals we believe .tel could have a big impact on. One of these is real estate.

Attention all realtors, while I paint you a picture …

Shirley and Bill are in the market to buy a house.  On their Sunday drive they stumble upon a house that appeals to them.

Sadly, by the time they get home – after picking up groceries, going through the car wash and visiting aunt Mable – they have forgotten the address of the house for sale and the real estate agency it is listed with.

Dear realtors – if you all would break down and get and plop it on your “for sale” signs, people like Shirley and Bill would actually stand a chance at getting in touch with you.

Now there is no guarantee that a handy dandy .tel name will induce Shirley and Bill to purchase the house, but it probably help them contact you for more information. And remember your name.  And refer you to their friends.

Perhaps the best thing about .tel for realtors, and other relationship based professions (hairdressers, massage therapists and car salespeople come to mind) is that you can move, change employers, open up your own business and still be found 5 years later because your .tel remains the same.

That’s the great thing about tel – the game may change but the name remains the same.

More Information for Realtors

Watch a short video designed for realtors about how .TEL works and its benefits.

The  .TEL  4  Realtors blog also does a nice job of showing how to add real estate listings to your .TEL