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Close Real Estate Sales with .TEL

Thursday, May 14th, 2009

amyjonestel1We’ve spent a bit of time over the past few months discussing industries and verticals we believe .tel could have a big impact on. One of these is real estate.

Attention all realtors, while I paint you a picture …

Shirley and Bill are in the market to buy a house.  On their Sunday drive they stumble upon a house that appeals to them.

Sadly, by the time they get home – after picking up groceries, going through the car wash and visiting aunt Mable – they have forgotten the address of the house for sale and the real estate agency it is listed with.

Dear realtors – if you all would break down and get and plop it on your “for sale” signs, people like Shirley and Bill would actually stand a chance at getting in touch with you.

Now there is no guarantee that a handy dandy .tel name will induce Shirley and Bill to purchase the house, but it probably help them contact you for more information. And remember your name.  And refer you to their friends.

Perhaps the best thing about .tel for realtors, and other relationship based professions (hairdressers, massage therapists and car salespeople come to mind) is that you can move, change employers, open up your own business and still be found 5 years later because your .tel remains the same.

That’s the great thing about tel – the game may change but the name remains the same.

More Information for Realtors

Watch a short video designed for realtors about how .TEL works and its benefits.

The  .TEL  4  Realtors blog also does a nice job of showing how to add real estate listings to your .TEL

Are .TEL Addresses the New Vanity Phone Numbers?

Friday, April 3rd, 2009

We liked the following article by Luke at Domain Synergies. It clearly explains the utility of .TEL to people and businesses in real life situations. Luke paints a picture of how, with the development of some basic apps, your .TEL name may become a proxy for your phone number. The potential of this for businesses and corporations is  super compelling – a vanity or generic .TEL could be a valuable source of  leads, in addition to providing always current contact information. 

Anyways, read Luke’s article re-posted below, it opens the door to the underlying potential of .TEL that seems to be missing from much of the current dialogue about the new extension.




Are .TEL Addresses the New Vanity Phone Numbers?

Follow me for a second; in just a few lines, I aim to convince you that .tel addresses are not another TLD. There’s really something else going on here.

By far the most convincing attribute of .tel addresses isn’t what most blogs are talking about — quickly updating data, no hosting, etc. — but that, if apps are developed for mobile phones, instead of having phone numbers in your phone, you could store .tel domains that your friends can update as their info changes (putting your friends in control of *their* contact information stored in *your* phone). This means no more “dead numbers” or emails flying back and forth saying “I changed my number.” There must be 1,000s of Facebook status updates and 100,000s of emails daily that inform people of changes in phone numbers. All of these people would immediately understand what .tel offers: It takes a headache away for them — and that alone is worth the $10-$20/year to register a .tel.

What does this mean in the short term? It means that .tel addresses could become a new way to contact people (it’s easier to remember than a phone number AND, as the data stored on the .tel changes, those changes will automatically propagate to all the mobile devices the .tel contact is saved on). There are privacy issues that will need to be ironed out — not everyone wants just anyone to be able to contact them (as an aside, corporations do!) – but everyone evaluating .tel should understand this: It’s not what *you* see on the .tel “page”; it’s what your mobile device sees – up-to-date contact information stored not on your phone, but on a central server.

What does this mean in the long term? It means that .tel domains could become the new vanity phone numbers. Remember the trade in 1-800 numbers of the 1990s? Many early domainers do – that’s what got them to recognize the scarcity of domains early on.

Here’s a long shot: It’s possible that generic .tel domains could become more valuable than generic 1-800 numbers. If the concept of .tel domains as proxies for phone numbers takes off, you’ll get more unsolicited, pre-qualified leads from people typing (not one of mine) into a browser or mobile device than you would from 1-800-RealEstate. My rationale: When is the last time you dialed a generic 1-800 number when looking for something? For me, never. When is the last time you typed in a generic domain when you were looking for something? For me, a few times a day. .tel could have the characteristics of vanity 1-800 numbers AND some of the type-in-traffic benefits of TLDs.

If you agree with any of this at all, send it to Digg or Reddit, link to it, Twitter it, etc. and let’s let the public debate it.

Additional thought:
I emailed a version of this post to a friend the other day. Let’s say his name is John Doe. Right before I clicked “send,” I thought, “What if on my phone I typed (assuming is taken) to call my friend and to email him I did the same – just typed into the email “To” field?” Similar to the discussion above, either my email provider or an app I’m using would identify my friend’s email address from and send the email to that. I wouldn’t have to remember his email address or look it up.

More Information:

Continuing with exploration of how .TEL can and might be used as things unfold, also check out our previously published article, .TEL – The Ultimate in Online Identity Protection.

Check out Luke’s blog Domain Synergies for further reading on domain names and related topics.

Social Media Titan MySpace Now Offering .TEL

Thursday, April 2nd, 2009

It appears that Telnic has entered a relationship with MySpace, the world’s premiere social portal, to offer .TEL domains to its members. MySpace is the first social media titan to recognize the power .TEL holds for improving how people connect and communicate online.

In partnerships with several ICANN accredited registrars, MySpace began offering .TEL last week.

MySpace has over 130 million active users, 20 million of which access the community via mobile devices each month.  This is a huge market for .TEL, and a great opportunity to mobilize, en masse, .TEL’s global directory.

On the surface of things, .TEL and MySpace appear to be a good fit. MySpace users can utilize their .TEL to promote their MySpace pages in organic search and securely share their more private contact information with non-MySpace users who wish to contact them.

After clicking on the creative and running through the MySpace .TEL registration process, I have to admit Myspace has done a good job with its UI. The dot TEL search and registration process is smooth, the price is right, so only time will tell if MySpace users embrace .TEL like MySpace and Telnic hope they will.

Read More:
Telnic Limited to Offer .TEL Domains Through MySpace

And here are some examples of the dot TEL creative MySpace is running: