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Close Real Estate Sales with .TEL

Thursday, May 14th, 2009

amyjonestel1We’ve spent a bit of time over the past few months discussing industries and verticals we believe .tel could have a big impact on. One of these is real estate.

Attention all realtors, while I paint you a picture …

Shirley and Bill are in the market to buy a house.  On their Sunday drive they stumble upon a house that appeals to them.

Sadly, by the time they get home – after picking up groceries, going through the car wash and visiting aunt Mable – they have forgotten the address of the house for sale and the real estate agency it is listed with.

Dear realtors – if you all would break down and get and plop it on your “for sale” signs, people like Shirley and Bill would actually stand a chance at getting in touch with you.

Now there is no guarantee that a handy dandy .tel name will induce Shirley and Bill to purchase the house, but it probably help them contact you for more information. And remember your name.  And refer you to their friends.

Perhaps the best thing about .tel for realtors, and other relationship based professions (hairdressers, massage therapists and car salespeople come to mind) is that you can move, change employers, open up your own business and still be found 5 years later because your .tel remains the same.

That’s the great thing about tel – the game may change but the name remains the same.

More Information for Realtors

Watch a short video designed for realtors about how .TEL works and its benefits.

The  .TEL  4  Realtors blog also does a nice job of showing how to add real estate listings to your .TEL

New this week – .TEL Search Engine, Mobile Apps and Email

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

It’s been a big week for .TEL. The domain is at an exciting stage with new enhancements, applications and compatible services now available to end users.

Here’s three big developments from the past couple days:

.TEL Search Engine – Jepaa Delivers Contact Information Fastjepaa

A .TEL search engine launched this week. It’s called Jepaa and it’s TEL specific, searching only .TEL sites. When somebody searches for contact information on Google they typically have to (A) sort through pages of search results that don’t relate to what they are looking for; or (B) dig through multiple pages to find contact information. Jepaa simplifies things by delivering you contact information in the form of .TEL sites. Jepaa’s other cool features include mobile compatibility, support of multiple languages and the ability to provide results that take both keywords and locations into consideration. Another nice-to-have:  it’s compatible with Adsense.

Read more about Jepaa.  Try Jepaa out for yourself .

.TEL Blackberry App available for Download

Telnic announced yesterday that the final release of its free BlackBerry(TM) plug-in is available for download. The application enables BlackBerry users to do the following things:

• Directly lookup a .TEL domain inside the address book, including private information from friends
• Search for a .TEL domain inside the address book
• Add any .TEL domain as a new contact or associate it with an existing contact
• Send ‘friending’ requests and accept or decline them depending on your TelFriends status
• Quickly change your .TEL profile to make sure your contacts reach you the way you want

Navigating by BlackBerry, the app is available at or

Read the Telnic press release – .TEL  iPhone App Now Available

And to complete the trifecta, just today Telnic announced the availability of . The free, open source iPhone application allows .TEL owners with iPhones to manage .TEL domains without having to log on to a computer.  The app makes it easy to do the following :

• Publish a location through an embedded map linked with the iPhone’s GPS
• Update their status using profiles depending on how they want to be contacted at that time
• Add new, remove, hide or show items of contact information
• Manage, add or remove folders and profiles which group contact information together
• Manage privacy settings for friends and colleagues
• Add or remove keywords that help people searching for .TEL  owners contact information. can be downloaded for free from the App Store or via the iPhone usingthe App Store application.

Read the Telnic press release

Email also launched for .TEL names this week, at least at one registrar. Read our previous post for more information.

And it you’re in the market for a .TEL name, there are still lot’s  of great ones available. Click here to search for yours.

10 Things You Should Know About the .TEL Domain – An Interview with Telnic

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009

Nicholas Aaron Khoo over at CNET Asia pinned down Telnic’s Vice Chairman, Fabien Chalandon, for an interview recently to shed some light on .TEL. Their chat resulted in a summary of interesting facts and footnotes in the .TEL story. Apparently Koon hasn’t been keeping up because there is nothing particularly new or noteworthy in this article, however it does provide a snack size summary of key .TEL info that might be good to send to friends or family who so far “just don’t get it”.

Key Highlights:

#3 – The .TEL Story

Telnic has broken a Guinness World Record for…

The longest startup Guinness Book of Records nine years without revenue!

Haha… before you think these guys are crazy, they have US$36 million of funding from serious investors and equally serious technical backup from the likes of Siemens and leading DNS experts.

Nine years without revenue is quite a challenge, but also gives them plenty of time to grow this service, I would guess?

# 6 – Explanation of .TEL’s Directory Advantages

.TEL can even be used for large and complex corporate directories.

.TEL  can be used for implementing complex global directories for large or multinational corporations using hierarchical pages and sub pages.

• Replacing complex IVR solutions for customers ( try to get the phone number of a local rental agency while on the move)

 • Exposing easily and quickly the main address and phone coordinates, usually available on its Web site at the last page of the annual report

• Allowing multilingual key words for each sub page–extend the brand in the communications area

For example, I was shown a demo by Fabien on how it can easily replace a directory like our Singapore government directory SGDI in a flash. Now, if only this service was introduced a couple of years back, I bet our Singapore Government would have saved a lot of money setting up and maintaining SGDI.

Read the full article – 10 things you didn’t know about .tel domains

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Telnic CEO Answers Top Domainer Questions About .TEL

Tuesday, February 24th, 2009

Rick Latona, the self-professed “largest domain broker in the world” and publisher of the “Daily Domains” newsletter, interviewed Telnic’s CEO Khashayar Mahdavi on his blog recently.

If, like Latona, you are a domain investor who is “not entirely sure what to think about .TEL names, especially when it concerns the reseller market,” you should read this interview.

Here’s an excerpt:

Latona:                                                                                                                                                                                                                             How can my audience (professional domainers) profit from .TEL names?

Mahdavi:                                                                                                                                                                                                                The .TEL adds several monetization opportunities that investors should appreciate which widen the ability for a domain developer to generate revenue in parallel with traditional website-driven monetization strategies.

The .TEL spreads the risk of investing over multiple methods of generating revenue, such as PPC and premium rate numbers for voting and betting services.  There is also value in owning vanity names, whether business or consumer focused.  It’s also possible to run a commercial directory service under a .TEL domain and, of course, it is possible to provide links to revenue generating e-commerce storefronts.  Additionally, due to the unique content published in a .TEL domain, pairing it with existing investments in .com and other domain names will lead to better SEO – a key goal in revenue generation.

Other questions brought forward by Latona include:

How has your launch gone so far? Have you registered more, less or about what you expected?                                           
Don’t you think that bloggers and individuals would be more likely to get .TEL names if they were less expensive?

Addressing the domaining community, Mahdavi concludes the interview by saying: 

The .TEL is now creating new opportunities for the domainer community, as well as a new ecosystem that includes non-traditional players entering the domain name industry, such as social networking sites, directory service providers and Voice over IP companies. Some have already begun the process of becoming an ICANN Accredited registrar as they see the potential of the .TEL as a communications hub for businesses and individuals. We believe that these non-traditional players will be a driving force of growth for .TEL domains and the domain name industry as a whole and lead to a new value being assigned to domain names.

Read the interview for yourself and let us know if you think Mahdavi’s answers measure up.

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