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.TEL Tips n’ Tricks – Get your .tel picked up by search engines

Thursday, May 28th, 2009

Now that you have set up your .TEL domain and are familiar with the ins and outs of Telhosting, it’s high time your .tel domain gets picked up by some  search engines.

If you want to be found, follow the steps below. seo

If you don’t want to be found – eg. your .TEL is for personal use only with contacts, friends and family – ignore the rest of this post ;)

To get your .tel domain picked up by search engines, you can submit it on official websites, such as:

Indexation will take time (up to 8 weeks sometimes) depending on the search engine and other external factors, but it’s expected to help search engines pick up your .tel quicker.

Of course spreading your .TEL name around, linking to it from your primary website, publishing it in directories, plastering it on signage and business cards, etc. etc., will  help it gain traction too.