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The World’s Oldest Profession Discovers .TEL

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009

For the last couple of months, the joke around the office has been that dot tel would be extremely useful for “ladies of the evening”. 

We just couldn’t come up with a way of marketing to them that didn’t sink us into tawdriness.

Well it looks like we are too late – they have discovered dot tel without our help.

Anyone who is on Twitter has a large number of “working girls” following them.   A review of the tweets that Dot Tel Finder aggregates shows two such ladies who believe .tel would be an asset to their business.

Some Googling on this particular demographic of  Twitter users shows that they are early adopters of all technologies as their job mandates the need for constant promotion and accessibility.

It seems that any sole proprietorship has the same needs – you have to constantly market yourself in different arenas and be available to clients through a myriad of channels.

So if  Twookers have discovered .tel ,  why  haven’t  you?

To search for your .TEL name, click here.

5 fun uses for .TEL

Wednesday, June 17th, 2009
  1. Lost and Found.  Engrave your dot tel on your bike, flat panel, skis etc.  Hopefully a good Samaritan or the cops will give you a call after they have found your missing item.
  2. Ear tattoos for your pet. What the heck does the # in their ear actually mean?  You’re able to identify them at the  pound with the serial # but a .tel in their ear would allow you to be called after your pet has run amok in a flower bed three streets away. 
  3. Witness Protection.  The feds have renamed you Dorcas Jones.  Dorcas Jones’s mother would like to speak to her son every now and then.  She’s armed with his “new” dot tel.  Even stool pigeons can’t escape the long arm of motherly love. 
  4. Resume Information Aggregator. You go to a job fair.  Instead of inundating the recruiters with another sheaf of paper, you are charming and witty and hand them a card with your .tel on it.  Your .tel holds links to an article you wrote, awards you have been given and a pdf version of your resume.  Sure, some of this may be on your Facebook page, but now you can avoid the inevitable question “So what’s up with you and that donkey in Mexico”?
  5. Raves.  The location record in .tel has never looked so good.  You update it at 12am on Wednesday and by 1am your abandoned fish guttery is jammed to the gills.

Please .tel me where you’ve gone!

Friday, June 5th, 2009

eyebrows1 I’ll admit it.  I love my eyebrows.  Naomi did them last Saturday and I panicked while she did them but now I love them.

You see, first I lost Leanne and then I lost Suzi.  Now I am with Naomi.

You know what it’s like.  Someone says you look a bit cro magnum so off you dash to the salon for your first eyebrow shaping.  Of course you must go back to the person who did them.  After a year of fabulous brows, she leaves.

You ask where she has gone.  “We don’t know” says old salon.  Crap on a cracker – now you have to find someone new to give you the best brows in town.

Sure – Leanne is at some other salon but short of calling every shop how can you find her?

If she only had a dot tel, she would just update her with her new salon information and you’d be back in business.  Fab brows forever.

But no, you’re back on the pavement hoping that your new browtitian will NOT give you brows like hers.

My god – are those penciled on??!!!

Nominate for .TEL of the Week

Thursday, April 16th, 2009

Telnic  has recently set up  a  “.TEL of the Week”  page to demonstrate the functionality and what can be achieved with a .TEL  domain. This page will spotlight a new .TEL domain on a regular basis.3429880339_749d0a5296_m

Three .TEL domains have been profiled so far:

Telnic is selecting examples submitted by the public. In terms of criteria, Telnic has stated it is primarily interested in “.TEL names that are helpful, well-populated and discover innovative ways to keep in touch.”

If you want to nominate your .TEL to be featured on Telnic’s website, send them an email at

I’m thinking of nominating This dog has done a better job setting up his .TEL than I have  – it includes links to a Flickr album, various dog websites and even his email address (I’m thinking of emailing Bowser just for kicks).

Despite .TEL names being splashed all over the aftermarket already, many great .TEL names are still available. Search for your .TEL name today and join the growing global directory.

.TEL has Launched!

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008

The .TEL Sunrise period officially launched this morning at 7:00am PST. The Sunrise period, which continues until February 2, 2009,  provides trademark holders an opportunity to protect their trademarks.

An important point to remember is that this period (along with .TEL Landrush and General Registration) is on a first come, first served basis. There may be multiple applications for a trademarked domain being submitted, but only the first  will be successful.

A few notes about Sunrise:

  • Trademark application date must be prior to May 30, 2008.
  • Trademark registration date must be prior to December 3, 2008.
  • Applications are considered on a world-wide basis, independently assessed by Deloitte and are awarded on a first come, first served basis.
  • Application fee of US$399 applies for all submitted applications whether successful or not. If the application is successful, will provide a three year registration (minimum term specified by the registry) of the name at no extra charge.

Register/Prebook your .TEL domain name today with, an official .TEL registrar.