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Does anyone you know have a dot tel?

Wednesday, October 14th, 2009

Dot tel is so new, it’s difficult to know if anyone in your business or personal circles has one. Fortunately there are many directories out there to help you find like minded individuals of your acquaintance.

Qwista – – it indexes all the DNS entries. It has a mobile version that worked well on the Blackberry. You can choose to search for business or individuals. – – it is an opt in directory that has a basic listing that is free and a premium listing that is $2.55 one time. Dottelfinder aggregates tweets about .tel and also aggregates news coming from Telnic and some prominent .tel blogs (including this one!).

Jepaa – – it too indexes the DNS. It’s a bit slower than the other two.

Telnic will be launching TelPages – – soon. – – is a yahoo style browseable directory that is opt-in. The nice thing about this directory is that all the .tel names included in it, are fleshed out.

In these directories you may stumble across a company or person who is doing something you are interested in – just like a Google search – but drilled down to their essential contact details.

Vancouver Steps Up Interest in TEL

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

According to One Vancouver ( the community portal for .TEL in Vancouver, BC activity levels around .TEL have increased dramatically over the past few weeks …

According to One Vancouver  the community portal for .TEL in Vancouver, BC activity levels around .TEL have increased dramatically over the past few weeks. One Vancouver seeks to create a focal point for different parties interested in .TEL. Partners currently involved include mobility stores, a business network, search engine specialist and even an national coffee chain.

The group’s activity is centred on getting the word out to people in the local community – raising awareness about .tel and what it means to local business. There are speaking engagements, exhibits, broad based advertising including billboards, television and radio, organised meet ups and highly targeted advertising based at specific industries in the area.

By joining forces, the One Vancouver partners have managed to reach a large local audience and get people talking about .TEL. The group have a number of programs already underway and a long list of activities planned for the coming months to keep the dialogue continuing within the local business community.

Read the full article at One Vancouver.

The World’s Oldest Profession Discovers .TEL

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009

For the last couple of months, the joke around the office has been that dot tel would be extremely useful for “ladies of the evening”. 

We just couldn’t come up with a way of marketing to them that didn’t sink us into tawdriness.

Well it looks like we are too late – they have discovered dot tel without our help.

Anyone who is on Twitter has a large number of “working girls” following them.   A review of the tweets that Dot Tel Finder aggregates shows two such ladies who believe .tel would be an asset to their business.

Some Googling on this particular demographic of  Twitter users shows that they are early adopters of all technologies as their job mandates the need for constant promotion and accessibility.

It seems that any sole proprietorship has the same needs – you have to constantly market yourself in different arenas and be available to clients through a myriad of channels.

So if  Twookers have discovered .tel ,  why  haven’t  you?

To search for your .TEL name, click here.

.TEL – because you only have two hands

Friday, August 28th, 2009

You’re at your favourite coffee shop. You have your usual “low fat, half caf, soy milk, double shot, Sumatran” clutched in one hand and your iPhone in the other.

You are running late (as usual) and then you spy an ex-colleague across the room. He’s actually a co-worker that you liked and want to stay in touch with.

You do the “Bob it’s great to see you, where are you working, let’s do lunch this week” thing. Now comes the tricky part. You’ve got to go but you need to swap contact info.

Do you:
A: Allow Bob to slip his card into you back pocket thereby looking like an early morning lothario?
B: Put down your phone and coffee to scrabble around in your bag for your card, making you even later?
C: Hunt around for a pen because you have both left your cards at the office?
D: Tell Bob your dot tel name that he inputs into his Blackberry while you input his into your iPhone?

Your phone was made to work with one hand, as was your coffee cup. .Tel recognizes that mobile phone users tend to be coffee drinkers and has worked closely with both industries to make sure that you never need to grow a third hand.

411 Takes a Beating – .TEL to the Rescue!

Thursday, July 9th, 2009

driversclubThere is a fun new .tel advert in town.  This poor girl can’t catch a break when using the automated 411 service. 

Dot tel to the rescue!

She could have called them on her smart phone via their .tel, in 1/16th of the time it was taking to make her way through the “unrecognized” world that is 411.

Oh dot tel – we ♥ you so.