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Does anyone you know have a dot tel?

Wednesday, October 14th, 2009

Dot tel is so new, it’s difficult to know if anyone in your business or personal circles has one. Fortunately there are many directories out there to help you find like minded individuals of your acquaintance.

Qwista – – it indexes all the DNS entries. It has a mobile version that worked well on the Blackberry. You can choose to search for business or individuals. – – it is an opt in directory that has a basic listing that is free and a premium listing that is $2.55 one time. Dottelfinder aggregates tweets about .tel and also aggregates news coming from Telnic and some prominent .tel blogs (including this one!).

Jepaa – – it too indexes the DNS. It’s a bit slower than the other two.

Telnic will be launching TelPages – – soon. – – is a yahoo style browseable directory that is opt-in. The nice thing about this directory is that all the .tel names included in it, are fleshed out.

In these directories you may stumble across a company or person who is doing something you are interested in – just like a Google search – but drilled down to their essential contact details.

Need a competitive edge? Get a .TEL!

Friday, November 21st, 2008

It is difficult to see the benefit of registering new domain names. When a new domain extension comes out, I get emails from all my friends and associates asking the inevitable question: “do I need this?”

My answer usually is, “it depends.” I typically come back with a number of questions to qualify whether someone actually needs a new domain: 

  • Do you have a trademark to defend?
  • What is your risk for a competitor to get the name?
  • For a country specific domain, are you doing business in that country now or in the future?
  • Do you care if someone in another geographical location gets the same name?
  • What is your budget?

The launch of .TEL is imminent. Consequently, my business owning friends are emailing me again. They want to know, “should I get a .TEL?”  This time, my answer is simple. “Yes you should.”

How is .TEL different from other domain extensions? Well, for starters .TEL is technically different and serves a different purpose than all other domains names before it. With a .COM or a .CA, the domain is usually for a website or for forwarding to an existing website. .TEL on the other hand, functions as a business’ easy-to-remember single contact point.
Just like helps to direct customers to your website without them having to remember an IP address like 123.234.567.789, enables customers to find you without having to remember your physical address, email address, various phone numbers or even your website.

Everyone has tried to go to a company’s “contact us” page using a mobile device to try to find phone numbers and emails, only to get frustrated because the webpage is not designed for easy mobile browsing. With.TEL, all the contact information is displayed in a simple format and the user scrolls over the phone number or email address and simply clicks for instant connection. It is fast because all the information is stored at the DNS level so no web page has to be served for you to get to the information.

 The most powerful part of this is that customers only need to remember and can always find you even if your phone, email and other contact information change ever in the future. And the chances are, if your business grows, you will likely move or change a phone number at some point during the life of your business. All of this information as well as company blog, Skype, MSN, keywords, coordinates that generate a Google map and so much more can be stored to ensure that your customers will be able to find you quickly and easily.
For all the marketing dollars and effort sales businesses spend on visibility, .TEL is a simple and economical way to be found quickly and easily. The key point for all businesses is to gain a competitive advantage. When prospects can find you faster and more easily than your competition because of, you can judge for yourself why my recommendation would be “Get your .TEL!”

Outlook and .tel – changing jobs just became easier!

Wednesday, November 12th, 2008

With the constant stream of grim economic news about layoffs, bankruptcies and closures it’s not difficult to wonder if the axe is going to fall on you next.

So do you jump or do you wait?  If you get laid off, you have to tell all your friends, family members, professional associates and clients that you can no longer be reached at your work email and phone. 

If you are lucky enough to get another job, you have to tell all your friends, family members, professional associates and clients that you can now be reached at your new work email and phone. 
I don’t know about you, but I never put people’s email addresses in my Contacts in Outlook anymore.  The nickname or autocomplete feature has taken away the need for that.  I type a letter or two and it shows me a list of names to choose from.

So now I am either at home or at my new office and I have to re-type all of the info into the address bar and send out the email that I can now be reached at the following address and phone.  Sure, I might have been a clever clogs and copied my .nk2 file from my old machine and copied it onto my new machine, thus preserving my nicknames, but how many people remember to do that?

Employed or unemployed, there has to be a better way. .tel shines a much needed beacon of hope onto the whole mess.

I have  All my friends have,, etc.  We are “friended” within the Telnic TelHosting system.

I arrive at my new job and I install the .tel Outlook tool (there is a beta version available from Telnic at the time of this writing).  I log in via the tool and all of my friends’ information comes down into my Outlook.  I don’t have to type their addresses in from a list.

But wait – it gets better.  I don’t have to email them that I have a new job. 

When they log into their Outlook in the morning, the .tel Outlook tool goes out to the TelHosting platform and polls to see if there are any changes.  Your new email address that you updated the night before, comes zooming down into their Outlook. 

They might not catch on for weeks that the address they are sending to has changed.  Your name comes up, they email you, you keep responding to dinner invites.

With .tel, staying connected just got easier.

Will .TEL Deter Cybersquatters?

Monday, November 10th, 2008

The published an article last week about how .TEL will be unattractive to cybersquatters because it does not host websites, only contact information that will be sent to Internet-enabled devices.

According to Justin Hayward communications director of Telnic, the registry behind .TEL, “Much cybersquatting is done by companies which earn money from adverts displayed on the pages belonging to domain names which users assume will belong to a famous organisation. That kind of cybersquatting will not work on .TEL domain names”.

While pay-per-click ads technically may not work on a .TEL domain, thereby preventing a cybersquatter from generating revenue off a domain that makes use of another entity’s mark or brand, it doesn’t mean cybersquatters won’t be hot-to-trot when it comes to registering .TEL domains.

It seems to me that if a cybersquatter had malicious intentions or wanted to hijack traffic, customers or prospects, .TEL would fit the bill perfectly. .TEL would enable a cybersquatter to input information of their own choosing in the contact fields, and redirect a visitor to whatever website, phone number or email address they wish. There is serious potential for a company’s brand and to be compromised.

What do you think? Leave us some feedback and let us know.

Click here to view an example of what a  .TEL website will look like.