.TEL in Blogs & Media

Asia One Business
Article – Ask, and they will .Tel

“Listing phone numbers and e-mail addresses on the Internet has become almost second nature to local businesses and individual Net users but a soon-to- be-launched domain name promises to take it one step further by dramatically simplifying the process of trawling for contact information online …”

Business Week Online
How Telnic Will Revolutionize Dialing

“Say you want to reach an old friend who’s always on the move. Calling her at home using the number listed in the phone book (what a quaint notion!) probably won’t work. But how else can you find the various other ways to reach her—via mobile, or at work, or perhaps e-mail, instant messaging, Skype (EBAY), Facebook, or Twitter addresses? Enter Telnic, which is aiming to become the Google (GOOG) of online address books in competition with traditional yellow and white pages.”

Digital Media Wire
Analysis: “.tel” Domain Name To Become Available Soon

“There’s a new top-level domain name (”TLD”) on the block, and broadcasters and other media companies will want to protect URLs that include their call signs, unique slogans and positioning statements or other registered marks or names …”

Leave the Cards at Home and Tell People your .TEL

“Did you forget or lose the last phone number business card your acquaintance gave to you a few hours ago? Well, if that person had a .tel domain, chances are you wouldn’t be worrying …”

The Ottawa Citizen
Dot tel means staying connected with ease

“Asking a prospective date for a phone number is so last century. Starting soon, it’ll be “what’s your dot.tel?” There’s a new online gold rush gathering momentum as pre-registration ramps up for the Internet’s new .tel domain that lets individuals, companies and organizations store all their contact information in a virtual phone book for life …”

Mobile Marketer
Telnic to launch new .tel domain for marketers

“Registry operator Telnic will next week launch a new .tel platform that won’t require a Web site and is optimized for mobile delivery with even less code than a small-screen-formatted site. The .tel suffix is the first domain that will allow marketers to publish information to the Web, from any device, without the need for a Web site …”

New no-advertising domain will deter some cybersquatters

“A new domain to be launched in December will be the first to reject advertising, making it unattractive to most cybersquatters. The .tel domain will not host websites, only contact information that will be sent to computers and phones …”

The Rik Notes
Monetizing the .tel for domainers

“People in the domaining business think of .tel primarily as a domain extension first and a service second. In fact, it should be entirely the other way around …”

Sci-Tech Today
How Telnic Will Revolutionize Dialing

“Telnic’s approach is revolutionary because it’s exploiting a significant new capability in the Internet that has been authorized by governing body ICANN, which has sanctioned a new top-level domain called .tel — similar to .com or .net — that is set aside purely to integrate contact information directly into the heart of the Net …”

Vancouver Sun
Dot-tel names emerge as catch-all ID for Web contact   

“The virtual contact link, available for businesses starting in December and for individuals from Feb. 3, opens up a whole new subdivision of lucrative cyberspace real estate. Just as .com domain names were snapped up and resold at huge profits, there is an expectation that companies that are slow to put a cyberlock on their .tel address may find themselves paying a premium to someone who has snapped it up…”