Will .TEL Deter Cybersquatters?

The Register.co.uk published an article last week about how .TEL will be unattractive to cybersquatters because it does not host websites, only contact information that will be sent to Internet-enabled devices.

According to Justin Hayward communications director of Telnic, the registry behind .TEL, “Much cybersquatting is done by companies which earn money from adverts displayed on the pages belonging to domain names which users assume will belong to a famous organisation. That kind of cybersquatting will not work on .TEL domain names”.

While pay-per-click ads technically may not work on a .TEL domain, thereby preventing a cybersquatter from generating revenue off a domain that makes use of another entity’s mark or brand, it doesn’t mean cybersquatters won’t be hot-to-trot when it comes to registering .TEL domains.

It seems to me that if a cybersquatter had malicious intentions or wanted to hijack traffic, customers or prospects, .TEL would fit the bill perfectly. .TEL would enable a cybersquatter to input information of their own choosing in the contact fields, and redirect a visitor to whatever website, phone number or email address they wish. There is serious potential for a company’s brand and to be compromised.

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Click here to view an example of what a  .TEL website will look like.

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